SUPER SUAVE: Sun Cups (Sunflower Butter and Milk Chocolate)

sunflower butter cups

I used to have an unhealthy addiction to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but I gave up those unnaturally orange discs in favor of Sun Cups — the typical chocolate “cup” filled with silky-smooth  sunflower butter that has just the mildest sunflowery aftertaste. They come in dark chocolate, too, but I think the lightness of the […]

Welcome to the One Twit Reviews Blog!

Cork Shot Out From a Bottle of Champagne

You have questions about the products we review — where to get them, how well have they hold up over time (obviously that one doesn’t apply to food items), and so on — so here’s a blog to answer them! We might even share news and a few giveaways, too. Check out our first answer […]

Where Can I Buy Eco-Wix Candles?

A fabulous, soul-stirring image of an Eco Wix candle just as it bursts into glorious flame.

I love Eco-Wix candles — they’re kind to my delicate sniffer and (sometimes) sound like a crackling fire in a jar. But I’ve had a hard time finding them in stores lately, and a lot of you report having the same problem. So I tracked down the manufacturer (MVP Group International) to find out how […]

NOUGAT HEAVEN: Amy’s Organic Andy’s Dandy Candy: Creamy

Amy's Andy's Dandy Candy Creamy

Everybody knows that peanuts are a bad influence. This is what happens when a Snickers bar kicks that nasty habit to the curb, and turns itself into a fine example of upstanding, if slightly stiff, morals. If only Amy and Andy could work out the details of their custody dispute and shorten the name, this […]

NOT SO MUCH: Betty Lou’s Organic Almond Smackers: Chocolate Almond Butter Patties

Betty Lou's Almond Butter Smackers

Sorry, Betty Lou. I really liked your spirulina patties, but these almond butter patties are like two football teams that showed up to the game in matching uniforms: No single taste can figure out who’s on its side, so there’s a lot of pushing and shoving for the sake of pushing and shoving. Chocolate should […]

WHEN CANDY GETS FRISKY: Amy’s “Organic Andy’s Dandy Candy” Crispy

Amy's Andy's Dandy Candy crispy bar

You can teach your kids to read in the grocery aisle with this candy’s Wonka-esque wrapper. It’s even got a full name: First name, “Amy’s Organic Andy’s Dandy Candy Crispy.” Last name, “Rice crisps, almonds & caramel covered in chocolate.” Heck, you can even use these to teach your kids the facts of life. Hold […]

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